Metro & Tram . Some more projects

From top left:

- TRANSPOLE LILLE France - The first low floor tram designed for Ansaldobreda (Design Award 1988)

- BOSTON LRV USA - Re-interpretation of the classic ‘metal old tech’ of the American tramways (1995)

- MENEGHINO Metro Milano Italy - Rapid mass transit operated by ATM (2000)

- SIRIO TRAM Bergamo Italy - Based on the Sirio Family platform (1995) - see SIRIO section

- SAN FRANCISCO Tramway 1 USA - First introduction in a ‘classic flat metal tech tramway’ of a composite panel on the front-end incorporating the headlights units (1990)


Year: 1988 - 2000

Pininfarina, AnsaldoBreda

Exterior Design
Interior Design
Project management