VULCANAIR V300 E.motion

In the frame of an European Research Program, the V300 E.motion is a conceptual study of an high efficiency ‘aircraft-bodywork’ based on flow dynamic calculation with the active consultancy of a Stylist. In other words the innovation is due to the collaboration of the Stylist with the aerodynamic Experts from the beginning of the project. The V300 E.motion can be considered the first case of aesthetic design applied to an ‘aircraft-bodywork’. Fuselage with high-wing monoplane twin-engine pusher-configuration, and single vertical tail with horizontal stabilizers are the result of an attentive design study selecting the best solutions in terms of aesthetic appearance and aerodynamic efficiency. The V300 E.motion shows an attractive shape both facing aesthetics goal and flow dynamic target.


Year: 2004


Exterior Design
Interior Design
Project management