CRAZY DOLPHIN . Rossi Invent

Crazy Dolphin is an innovative “sea bike-surf” suitable for leisure and sea sports.

The concept of ‘riding the sea’ is unique and it is patented by Gianfranco Rossi (the inventor); design and product development is by Vernacchia Design.

Crazy Dolphin is moved by two propellers operated through crank pedals. Users can ride Crazy Dolphin as a bicycle lying comfortably on the surf board; a handlebar has both the function of grab and helm-stock. The propulsion system is very simple: the crank pedals activate the rotation of the drive shaft connected to a couple of propellers, through a chain. The propellers are installed inside a tube-shaped fairing that also has the function of stabilizer. Crazy Dolphin is “ fully ecological” because no pollution is produced, or greenhouse effect. Best of all, it keeps the rider fit and healthy. Crazy Dolphin is easily dismountable into two parts for transportation. In this way it is possible to put it in the luggage compartment of a medium class car.


Year: 2012

Rossi Invent

Body Design
Color liveries
Project management