ROMBO is a photovoltaic street lamp characterized by a minimalist design suitable to any kind of urban architecture.

The design approach is based on the use of planar surfaces managed as a sort of ‘origami,’ easy to be manufactured both as technologically advanced and aesthetically attractive.

ROMBO is the urban feature that gently integrates itself with the city environment, providing public illumination by using renewable energies. The innovative ‘photovoltaic panel’ is transparent and it is realised as a ‘glass sandwich’ with solar cells inside.

ROMBO is unique for technology and unmistakable design: a pyramidal shaped box includes the electronic driver and two batteries to store the PV energy; the illumination system is realised as an adjustable unit equipped with a power LED matrix.

ROMBO guarantees 12 hours of illumination per night, with an autonomy of up to 4 days in case of bad weather (without sun’s radiation).


Year: 2012

Elettrosannio Pietrelcina (BN) Italy

Design and art work
Engineering assistance