BIOGEM Sunpower Architecture

‘Sunpower Architecture’ is a conceptual project aimed to the integration of a Multifunctional Photovoltaic System within the area of ‘BIOGEM’, a famous Biomedical Research Centre located at Ariano Irpino, Italy.

The goal was to apply properly the PV installations without affecting the architectural image of the buildings and surrounding area. Different applications have been studied: GABBIANO, a sun-port for car parking and Electric-car recharging, FRONTONE, a modular PV system ‘brise soleil’ type, installed on the top-front of the office building, SUNROOF, a PV twin-module applied on the top of the office building plus a single module on the top of the Constabulary building. ROMBO PV Streetlights are a complementary installation for the illumination of the area.


Year: 2013


Conceptual Design
Feasibility Studies