The Norman Castle of Ariano Irpino is one of the most important historical vestiges in Italy.

The castle was built in the XI Century on an ancient Longobard fortification dated Century IX. In the history of the Castle many restorations and enlargements were operated by the Normans (1020), Carlo D’Angi√≤ (1266) and finally in the XV Century Ferrante d’ Aragona added four circular towers typical of the Aragonese architecture at the edges of the quadrangular structure.

In 2008 Vernacchia Design was appointed by the Authority of the ‘Cultural Italian Heritage’ and local administration to develop a virtual study for the restoration of the castle with the support of experts of the Norman Age in Naples University.

VD developed the complete virtual model of the restored Castle: the restoration project includes local rehabilitation of the Castle perimeter-walls, and the integration of an exhibition centre collecting Norman artefacts found in the Castle area.


Year: 2008

City of Ariano Irpino and Ministero dei Beni Culturali Italiani

Castle 3D Model
Castle Restoration Project