OYSTER . Urban Furniture

OYSTER is a solar street light belonging to a Design-Line of urban accessories, coordinated in terms of Style and Technology (solar-shelters, e-signals, advertising displays, etc).

OYSTER is characterized by the unique and distinctive ‘rounded shape’ of the photovoltaic panel. The PV panel is available both in fixed position or with ‘solar tracking controller,’ able to automatically follow the orientation of the sunrays during the daytime. The photovoltaic panel charges a couple of batteries located at the base of the pole, in a sort of container usable as a bench. The batteries supply power to a LED Matrix during the night; Oyster can stay lit 4 for nights if the sun is not available. Some optional accessories are available, such as a surveillance camera, emergency calls connection, socket for recharging smart phones, PC, etc. OYSTER is independent of the utility grid: the operation costs are minimized, less maintenance is required if compared to conventional street lights, no pollution is created; finally, since external wires are eliminated, the risk of accidents is minimized.


Year: 2008

ES Energy Italy

Engineering assistance