FISITA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Ingénieurs des Techniques de l'Automobile) serves as a global forum for dialogue among engineers, industry, government, academia, environmental and standards experts. FISITA’s main activity is the organization of the biennial FISITA World Automotive Congress – one of the biggest international meetings of engineers, scientists and executives working in the world automotive industry. At the XXIII FISITA World Congress held in Turin, May 7-11.1990, the Executive Committee awarded Mario Vernacchia for ‘The best Research Project’ of the Congress: the FIAT E2, a prototype of a medium class sedan with high aerodynamic efficiency. Design, Aerodynamics and Prototype realisation were carried out by engineer Mario Vernacchia, Director of the Transport Division, in charge to Pininfarina R & D at Cambiano (Torino). Fiat E2 performed a Cd (Cx) = 0.19, gaining the World Record as the most aerodynamic sedan based on a mass production chassis (Fiat TIPO 1.4 ltr). The aim was to design a car with high-aerodynamic performance, but ‘not extreme:' realistic, aesthetically pleasant and complying with all the feasibility standards of a normal mass production car. The study was committed by the CNR, the Italian Council of Research, in the frame of the National Energy Saving Program ‘Progetto Finalizzato Energetica II.’ The prototype Fiat E2 is permanently exposed at the headquarter of CNR, ‘Istituto Motori NA,’ the most advanced Public Research Institute in Italy devoted to Automotive and Transportation Means.

10 May 1990