DETROIT USA, GM Tech Center, Summer 1993. Allantè debuts with the new performant ‘Northstar’ 4.6-litre V8 engine turning out 295 hp and 290 lb-ft torque, with sequential port fuel injection for exceptional reserves of smooth power. Allantè Northstar has a new sport road-attitude with a more precise handling, never harsh in any weather conditions. The car is equipped with the stopping-power by Bosch III Antilock Braking System, the most advanced in the world. Allantè Northstar is ‘The New Spirit of Cadillac,’ an exciting luxury roadster unlike any that came before it! Conceived in Pininfarina,Italy by Master Designer Mario Vernacchia, author of prestigious timeless Ferrari models, the Cadillac Allantè Northstar is aimed at being the new world’s recognized luxury leader. The racing version ‘dressed in red,’ plays the role of the ‘Official Pace Car’ of the Indy 500 USA Championship. Allantè Northstar, "the world's most powerful front-wheel-drive roadster" is driven by Bobby Unser, the 3-time Indy 500 Winner. The car pace the race in stock configuration, except for mandatory safety items.

4 July 1993