An Italian Journey on Public Transportation' means equipped with the excellent seats created by Vernacchia Design for the famous Italian manufacturing company Lazzerini! Not only attractive and distinctive styling, but creative design, technological innovation and product quality are the key points o the worldwide outstanding reputation of Lazzerini. The strategy is to create a sort of ‘World Seating System’ suitable for Europe as well as Asia and United States; in other words a catalogue of standard products to be customized for different conutries. The headquarter Lazzerini is based at Monsano (Ancona) Italy, and in May 2015 a ‘Sister Company’ was born in America at Helkhart, not far from Chicago: the ‘Lazzerini Corporation USA. The purpose is to launch a local production focused on the specific needs of the US Market, sharing the company's expertise: Italian Design, leading edge technology, creativity and innovation, eco-friendly manufacturing and customizable seats. Below some seats developed in cooperation between Vernacchia Design and Lazzerini are shown.

12 May 2015